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May 2022

I can hardly wait as we approach the launch of our next Tribe Meditation Circle! It’s been too long since we have gotten together in person again.

Over these next few weeks, until May 31,2022 we will be enrolling for our next group. We will be meeting in the South Denver/Centennial area, twice monthly for a commitment period of 4 months. Open enrollment for Tribe is just 3 times per year so now is your chance to jump in.

One of the exciting topics that we will be exploring in this round is that you have support from divine heavenly helpers, angels and guides. Not sure if you believe this?

The only way to know for sure is to explore for yourself, remain curious and experience the serendipity of the angels in your own way.

Here are a few tips for getting started:

  • ask for protection. trust and know that you are loved and protected and that it is safe to call on Heaven to help you
  • practice believing that you are not alone
  • ask for a sign or to be shown
  • go into high noticing mode. elevate your awareness to the synchronicities that happen, and more will start to happen
  • listen and notice to the ways that Spirit, Heaven and the angels communicate with you

If you are interested in joining our Tribe, we are currently in an open enrollment period until May 31, 2022. contact for more

Hope to see you in the circle.



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