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Welcome to our Community

We are a diverse and growing community that is coming together during this time of big personal transformation. We meet in the Denver, Colorado area for basic and advanced meditation classes. People connect, enjoy good company, make new friends, and talk things over with each other.

Maybe your circle of friends has been changing, and the pull to meet like-minded people is stronger than ever.

Hope to see you in a group or class soon!


Soul Awakening

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On this site, you’ll find content to explore on your own. Or, join a meditation group that has been designed to help you grow, heal and thrive in the company of supportive people.

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Tribe Meditation Circle – Spring 2024, March through May

Tribe Meditation Circle – Spring 2024, March through May

This unique, powerful and special group has been meeting since 2020. We open to new members twice per year. The spring 2024 session will run from March-May. Please contact Christen if you are interested in joining the next session, and for more details. In this 3-month group experience, you will create connection with a community of supportive and authentic people that will encourage you to grow, heal and thrive.

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Your TRIBE is gathering…

If you are interested in joining the Tribe Meditation Circle for the spring session of 2024, please contact Christen at

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