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Tribe Meditation Circle January 2023! Embrace Your Authentic Self

October, 2022

Being authentic is a choice that comes from practice.  Like any muscle you exercise it, work it each day, learn how it feels.  Authenticity is a choice on how you want to show up in this world, where you choose to be honest and how you feel within for the answer.  It is standing in your personal sovereignty and embracing life with boundless joy that you create each moment.

Now is the time to get real and take an inventory of yourself.  Are you living with purpose?  Or are you looking forward to what is coming next?  Are you enjoying your life experience?

Now is the time to embrace your life and be your most authentic self. We are currently in an open enrollment period for Tribe Meditation Circle. This is a group that meets in person, twice per month, for a commitment period of a 4-month cycle. Together, we learn and practice mediation techniques plus gain skills and tools for personal and spiritual development. We also include group coaching, prayer/intention work and mentoring for each person.

Our Tribe Meditation Circle will provide the following:

  • Review of the basics of meditation and stress resilience
  • Advanced skills for intuition development
  • The ability to self-reflect from an honest place
  • Tools for healing emotional energies
  • Creating positive change, and powerful shifts in your mindset
  • Powerful support from intentional group dynamics

If you are interested in joining our Tribe, we are currently in an open enrollment period until January 5th, 2023.

To learn more details and logistics, email




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