Angels, Masters & Miracles

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5 Hour workshop on Saturday November 16th, 2024 – plus a private follow up intuitive reading

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Partner with your heavenly guides and manifest miracles of abundance now. This 5-hour class includes a follow up session and intuitive reading

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2 reviews for Angels, Masters & Miracles

  1. Tonya Davenport

    “The class was, without a doubt, the most inspiring, uplifting and life-changing event I have encountered. The class opened up a completely different side of myself that I had been struggling with in my spiritual journey. I had even begun to consider that perhaps I just didn’t have the capability to communicate with my angels or to successfully meditate, but the class showed me otherwise. Beyond personal experiences, beliefs, etc, we can all have these experiences if we simply allow ourselves to open to the Divine and to free our thoughts from the routine. I am so thankful I had the opportunity to experience this sort of awakening. I am so grateful.”

  2. Gigi Zylstra

    Thank you so much for teaching this class! I am so grateful. This class has been an enlightening experience and a blessing. My communication with my angels and my Source has been nourished and I am looking forward to growing more. I am so grateful for our fellowship in class and beyond. It has been a loving reminder of our beautiful humanity.

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